LA TOURNERIE D'ART, wood turner

Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada
Born and raised in the Magdalene Islands, in the middle of the Gulf
of St-Lawrence, my maritime environment has always been a
source of inspiration. Growing up by my father's side, I learned from
him the joy of manual work and the satisfaction of a job well done.
For a long time, my interest and my passion for that kind of work
developed as a hobby.

The call for a more total dedication to creation became stronger as
years went by. I worked with various media, carving alabaster stones,
creating all sorts of artifacts with sand, while working with a group of
artists from the Islands.

Then I continued my artistic exploration through various experiments and through certain formations and workshops in wood turning. All the meanwhile I pursed my research on the Internet and studying in books published by experts on turning, and I came to the point where I felt ready to begin my own workshop in turnery. I chose the technique of "turning by segments", which means turning with multiple small pieces of wood, of different species, which allows the possibility to create all sorts of objects and all sorts of shapes and colors with very few limitations. I use a large variety of wood, including exotic species and even wood recovered from the sea.

I am very pleased with the response of the public so far, and I intend to pursue my artistic course so as to improve my art of turnery while always exploring new ways of creation.

Enjoy your visit on my website!